Some stories were told or written on those coffee shops around the corner. But mine’s a little different, this story or should I say random call of expressing my thoughts was written here at a Tea Shop called Teankerberries. Well, it’s a bit odd after several times going here, the owner or manager was a guy. A bit weird ‘coz the name is more appropriate if all I see was a girl manager in here all the time. The small comforting size of this shop can make me sit for hours.. Watching people come and go makes me at peace and somewhat awkward just being with myself as I see through the glass door of cold weather and the silent pour of rain outside..


Today we finally got the chance to watch Marvel’s Avengers with Amy and Kenneth. :D

The movie is fun and it’s not like other action-scifi-thrilling films that’s too serious. There’s a lot of blurbs that can make you laugh.

For those who haven’t watched it yet. Better get your feet going to your nearest cinemas.

I’m inspired to do these too :D They’re so COOL!


Bakit kailangan pang magtanong ng mga guys sa girls kung pwede sila manligaw? Why not do what they have to do and show to the girl that they love them even though they end up together or not.

What will you do if the only man you love is unfortunately becky?!

Kung babanat ka rin lang. Sana yung ginagawa mo,

hindi yung hanggang salita ka lang!

Dear kapitbahay,

You’re so maingay. Bat kayo nagiinuman sa tapat ng aming bahay? Wala ba kayong care sa inyong atay? Bat di pa kayo umuwi ng sabay-sabay, para ako’y makatulog ng malumanay.

Sharmaine (Christine Reyes): Why don't you have dinner with us? Pa-thank you ko na rin dahil kinuha mo asawa ko...
Cara (Anne Curtis): I'm sorry...
Sharmaine (Christine Reyes): bilang supplier ng furniture para sa resort niyo.